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.cut started experimenting with music in 1992. In 2003, Gibet joined
.cut for a semi-improvised show at the [kafé myzik] in Lyon. This
first performance as a duo was compared to a cross between Godspeed
You! Black Emperor and Merzbow.

Over the years, .cut featuring Gibet have developped their own sound,
qualified as "industrial post-rock". They've played live with all
kinds of bands, from heavy metal to EBM, from post punk to noise...

"A Public Autopsy" is a compilation of live recordings from the duo's
archives, put together in 2007 for the netlabel Abyssa. "A Public
Autopsy" is about sweat and blood.

.cut is AlBéRiCk (laptops, guitar) & Gibet (guitar).

Selected discography:

2003: .cut featuring Gibet "Red Kross" (VHS - Obsolete Records)
2004: .cut featuring Gibet "Angel Of Death" (CDr - Obsolete Records)
2005: .cut featuring Gibet "You're Not On The Guest List" (CDr -
Obsolete Records)
2006: .cut featuring Gibet "Arctic Circle" (CDr - Obsolete Records)
2006: .cut featuring Gibet "Philippe F Remixes" (MP3 - [walnut + locust])
2006: .cut & Electronic Press Kit "What's Hell" (CDr - Altsphere Prod)
2007: .cut featuring Gibet "The Meiose Radio Sessions E.p" (CDr -
Altsphere Prod)




A Public Autopsy
Y.019 - Abyssa Netlabel - 2006-2007

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